Film News In Five: Mon 28 Oct 2013


Here’s a quick round-up of the hottest film news hitting headlines today….

1  Rush actress OLIVIA WILDE, 29, and her husband-to-be JASON SUDEIKIS (Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers) have confirmed they are expecting their first child together. The pair got engaged in January this year and were reportedly planning for a baby. More at

2  Release dates for a bunch of Oscar-tipped movies have been pushed back, ruling them out of the 2014 awards. GEORGE CLOONEY‘s The Monuments Men, NICOLE KIDMAN‘s Grace of Monaco and STEVE CARELL‘s Foxcatcher are all set to come to our screens at a later date in 2014 so that they stand a better chance of scooping up an award. Quite simply, there were too many high quality films pitted against each other this year… More at the

3  BEN AFFLECK is reported to be developing another new project, an untitled thriller set in Africa and the world of mercenary action. The star is keen to focus his career on writing, directing and producing political thrillers – following the success of 2012 award-winning Argo.  More at

4  Early reviews are out on JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT‘s new flick, Don Jon, and they’re looking good for the 32 year old. Joseph wrote, directed and starred in the porn-addiction comedy. He plays a compulsive seducer who becomes smitten by the ravishing SCARLET JOHANSSON. JULIANNE MOORE stars in it too.  “The movie is a broad ethnic comedy, but there’s nothing broad about the wicked-smart way it’s executed. Even long-played-out stereotypes take on new life…” More at

5  Independence Day 2 is on its way with two scripts being drafted. According to reports, ROLAND EMMERICH‘S long-awaited sequel is covering all bases – one version of the script will be based on WILL SMITH‘s involvement, and a second written in the event that the star can’t (/won’t) do it. More at


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