5 Things to Know about Margot Robbie

First it was Scarlett, then it was Emily, and then of course the lovely Carey. Is it now MARGOT ROBBIE’s turn to take the crown of Hollywood Actress du Jour? The 23-year-old Aussie stars alongside LEONARDO DICAPRIO in upcoming SCORSESE flick The Wolf of Wall Street (released in December) so we clearly need to know more…

5 facts about Margot Robbie: 

1  Robbie recently starred in RICHARD CURTIS’ romantic comedy, About Time, alongside RACHEL MCADAMS, DONHNALL GLEESON and BILL NIGHY. The film’s been doing pretty well (with a 7.7 rating on IMDB, and 62% on Rotten Tomatoes) but I can’t comment personally on her performance because I haven’t seen it yet. (Er, not really rushing to, either) She’s not done a bad job by the looks of reviews, though the role doesn’t really afford her much to do.

2   Margot’s Hollywood career didn’t get off to the best start. Prior to this movie, she’d been cast in the ABC drama Pan Am alongside CHRISTINA RICCI but unfortunately it got dropped after the first series due to flagging ratings. Nightmare. (Although if it hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been around for The Wolf? Food for thought, Margot…)

3  The actress is set to star opposite WILL SMITH in 2014 film, Focus, a romantic comedy-drama. She’s also got two other Hollywood movies lined up for release next year, Violent Talent (alongside Ray Liotta) and Suite Francaise (with Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas).

4  At 18 Margot scored a role in famous Aussie soap, Neighbours, after cold-calling the production company for an audition. Her character Donna Freedman was so popular with viewers, Margot was twice nominated for an Australian Logie Award.

5 The youngster’s a self-confessed adventure junkie. On her 18th birthday, she opted to jump out of a plane and skydive across the Gold Coast, before heading straight to her party. She’s also a keen surfer (perhaps goes without saying growing up on the Gold Coast), jet-skiier and snowboarder – and loves a bit of V8 motor racing.

On working with DiCaprio and Scorsese….

This is what she said to the Guardian’s Ryan Gilbey about working with Leo and Mr Scorsese, who have already collaborated on four films together and so are pretty much in tune.

“They’re telepathic. You’d be sitting there discussing a scene and they’ll be like, ‘Do you think …?’ ‘Hmm.’ ‘But what about the …?’ ‘Yeah.’ I’m going: ‘Hello? Did I miss something? Are we changing anything? I have no idea what we’re changing.’ Honestly, I just put all my energy into keeping up with them because they are both powerhouses in their own way; if you don’t keep up you get left behind. They just won’t cut to you and your part will get smaller and smaller.”   Eeek.

Keep her on your watch list… or you know, follow her on Twitter like I am.


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