5 TV Actors We Want to See Make it on the Big Screen


‘But… when will I see Jesse again?’ I mumble numbly, as the closing credits of Breaking Bad‘s finale roll away into black. My husband gives my head a pitying rub.

We just don’t know. That’s the way it goes with TV. The characters / actors we come to love over a series of weeks, months, and years (even decades), are suddenly whipped away out of sight when our fave shows reach an end. And for who knows how long. It’s a cruel way to go. Of course if these guys were big in the movies, we could rest assured they’ll be back soon on our screens in some form or another, but for many TV stars – who can say?

Here are five small screen actors I’m willing and praying make the leap to movies because, frankly, I just want to see more of them in 2014 – and in heaps of different roles.

(I wrangled between two lead casts in each of the below 5 TV shows.. so tell me if you agree with my choices…)

Actor I most want to see again: DEAN NORRIS

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.24.14

Don’t get me wrong. I love Jesse. He’s arguably one of the best fictional characters ever to hit our screens, with his humanness captured brilliantly in his vulnerability and emotional angst. But is it the character we love over the performance? There’s no denying AARON PAUL can act, but DEAN NORRIS who plays Hank is in my view a cut above. I can easily imagine the breadth and depth of characters he could bring to life in genres ranging from rom-com to psychological thriller. He’s had some small parts in movies (he even pops up in 2013’s The Councilor), but surely now this guy deserves a turn in more major film roles. Fingers crossed.

(PS. In case you’re wondering, BRYAN CRANSTON just doesn’t do it for me. I think Walter White annoyed me so much by the end of Breaking Bad, the damage was irreparable.)

Actor I most want to see again: IDRIS ELBA

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.52.56

I must confess I have a soft spot for lovable rogue, DOMINIC WEST, with that mischievous, lopsided grin – and as Det. James McNulty in The Wire he was a genius cast. But IDRIS. Oh Idris, for you I have just two words. Screen. Presence. Luther lovers know just what this man is capable of, and something tells me (i.e IMDb) that my prayers may soon be answered. Idris (who plays entrepreneurial gangster ‘Stringer Bell’ in The Wire) will be hitting up the big screen in a big way in 2014. In just a few weeks he’ll be appearing in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, but next year… it’s going offfff for Mr Elba. The upcoming flick exciting me the most has to be The Gunman, in which he stars alongside Javier Bardem and Sean Penn. Oh my, oh my.

Actor I most want to see again: TY BURRELL

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.35.43

This is a hard one. SOFIA is clearly more than just a big bossomed, Latino beauty. The gal can act, and she’s perfect in comedy. TY (AKA Modern Family‘s Phil Dunphy), however, is something utterly infectious. He’s made me cry with laughter more times than I can remember (though camp ‘Cam’ is not far off beating that record), and that smiiile. Aghh. I mean the guy’s face is pure comedy magic. Somebody cast him alongside Steve Carell, pleeeease.


Actor I most want to see again: MANDY PATINKIN

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.53.43

As much as I’m keen to see more of the young Tom Cruise lookalike – who gives a great performance as CIA man of mystery, Quinn, in Fox 21’s Homeland – RUPERT FRIEND is pretty to look at but perhaps not unique enough. (I could kinda see him as Jason Bourne, though, which got me thinking.) MANDY PATINKIN, on the other hand, who plays Saul Berenson – Carrie’s CIA mentor and father-figure – brings an intense, emotional depth to his role that is so powerfully subtle it creeps up on you unannounced. His finest moment in the show so far has to be the last scene of Season 2, where he stands amongst the 219 bodies of the CIA memorial explosion, reciting Kaddish prayer. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Actor I most want to see again: JOEL KINNAMAN

I love (and hate, but ultimately love) MIREILLE ENOS in AMC’s The Killing but everywhere else, she’s just not working for me – ie Gangster Squad and World War Z. (Ouch, is that harsh?) Then there’s JOEL KINNAMAN playing her sidekick, the super-slick hoodie-wearing homeboy, Holder, who just makes me want to run up and piggy-back him, big-bro-style, with every episode. He’s the light in a dark place on that show. But beyond the ‘daamn girl’s and cute banter he has so much more to offer and movie roles are, I’m led to believe, stacking up for him in 2014. We’re talking RoboCop and all sorts. (Yep.. I’m not sure if that’s good news or bad, either.)Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.33.25

So, would you have chosen the same stars? And before you say it, yes – there IS a clear and definite shortage of women on this list! (I wasn’t going to include more for the sake of it…)


Thoughts anyone? Who’ve I forgotten?


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