Redmayne and JLaw interview: It’s the way forward


Checked out Jennifer Lawrence’s interview with Eddie Redmayne yet? 

It’s in the Feb issue of Interview Magazine and got loads of coverage online because it’s a pretty great interview.

Turns out, the Hunger Games actress and The Theory of Everything Golden Globe winner bonded over a shared love of Real Housewives, salmon-fuelled vomiting and the deep-rooted fears that come with acting… while totally proving their merits for being, well, just awesome individuals.

It got me thinking, wouldn’t more interviews go this well if they were between two stars? I mean, not all celebs are as brilliant and funny as Eddie and Jen, but let’s face it, there’s a lot to be said for taking the journo out of the equation. A LOT.


REDMAYNE: So you’re a lady of leisure now? Are you finally having a moment off?

LAWRENCE: I am and I’m miserable. I was so excited to get time off, and now I don’t know what to do with myself.


Would you get this much honest insight into the inner workings of acting, for example, if it wasn’t a conversation between two class acts of the field? Or the same great anecdotes of random encounters, tequila drinking and backstage vomiting? Hell no. Those publicists’ rules don’t even apply when it’s just a good-natured chat between industry pals, right?

That’s the secret. There are no ulterior motives lurking behind the questions here and yet how many juicy stories naturally emerged from this great chinwag? Just ask Google. No media-trained, rehearsed-the-shit-out-of answers to be found here. Love it. Publications around the world need more of this stuff.

Here are five star-to-star interviews I wanna make happen.

1   Leonardo Di Caprio by James McEvoy – that charming Scotsman could bring anybody’s guard down.

2   Jake Gyllenhaal by Maggie Gyllenhaal – these siblings are tight, who knows what they’d share.

3   Emma Stone by Emily Blunt – two of the coolest, funnest gals of film.

4    Idris Elba & Ryan Gosling – err, this one on video, please.

 5   James Corden & Scarlett Johansson – not sure why.. but trust me, you’d want in.

Who’d be on your list? … JLaw and just about anyone, right? And what did you think of the interview? Did you read it?


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